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Who Is Liable in a Rollover Accident?

When your loved one suffers serious injury or dies in a rollover car crash, you want to know whose fault the accident was and whether unsafe factors made the vehicle roll over. An experienced lawyer can help you investigate the accident, determine the cause, look into the possibility of defective vehicle design and identify liable parties.

The National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) website provides updated information on rollovers. Under its New Car Assessment Program (NCAP), NHTSA ranks cars on their rollover safety.

NHTSA reports that more than 10,000 people a year die in rollover crashes, comprising 33 percent of all passenger vehicle fatalities. Rollovers have higher fatality rates than other types of vehicle crashes. By wearing a seat belt you are 75 percent less likely to die in a rollover accident.

Many factors come into play that can lead to a rollover accident, including:

  • Vehicle center of gravity. The taller and more narrow the vehicle (sports utility vehicles, pickups and vans), the higher its center of gravity is, which makes it prone to rolling over.
  • Alcohol. Close to half of fatal rollover accidents are alcohol related.
  • Vehicle speed. Seventy-five percent (75%) of fatal rollover accidents occurred in areas with speed limits of 55 miles per hour or higher. Driving speed was excessive in an estimated 40 percent of rollover accidents.
  • Rural roads. Most rural roads are not divided highways and lack barriers. About three quarters (3/4) of all fatal rollover crashes occur in rural areas with speed limits of 55 miles per hour or higher.
  • Driver behavior. Close to 85 percent (85%) of all fatal rollover accidents are single car crashes where no other vehicle is involved. While driving was routine, distraction, speeding or impaired driving were big contributors to causing the crash.

On behalf of clients, personal injury law firms have sued manufacturers for unsafe vehicles and tires that led to rollover accidents. NHTSA has also investigated vehicle designs for stability. If serious injury or death results from a rollover crash, put an experienced Texas attorney on your side and protect your rights and remedies.

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