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Rear-End/Intersection Accidents

Working to Help You Get Compensation From Your Rear-End Collision

When a rear-end collision occurs, fault and liability are often fairly clear-cut. In fact, Texas courts have often presumed negligence on the part of a driver who hits another vehicle from behind, although this is not always the case. Many factors can affect the outcome of a rear-end collision claim. Securing fair compensation for injuries caused in rear-end collisions can be difficult and requires the attention of an experienced personal injury lawyer.

At The Law Offices of J. Kent McAfee, P.C., we represent people injured in rear-end collisions in and around the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Led by attorney J. Kent McAfee, we bring over 34 years of experience to every car accident case. We are able to handle all issues, from dealing with injuries that are not as obvious to locating and coordinating various insurance coverages that may be involved.

Intersection Accidents in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

There are intersections in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and throughout Texas that are frequent sites of car accidents, truck accidents and commercial vehicle accidents. Our firm handles intersection accidents in all contexts, including those involving:

Whether you were injured at an intersection while riding a motorcycle, driving a car or walking across the street, you can rely on our law firm to maximize your chances of recovering compensation. We understand insurance company tactics, and we work hard to overcome them. Our goal is to make sure you are fully and fairly compensated for your losses.

Seek Medical Attention and Legal Assistance Right after Your Accident

Victims of rear-end accidents sometimes do not immediately know the full extent of their injuries. In fact, many victims assume that while they may have back pain, neck pain or a strain of some type, the pain will eventually go away. This may or may not be true in your situation, but it is always best to seek medical care immediately after your accident and then talk to a lawyer as soon as possible. If it turns out that you have severe whiplash or injuries that only reveal themselves over time, this kind of early action on your part can increase your chance of recovering compensation.

We Will Give You Personalized Attention

When you come to The Law Offices of J. Kent McAfee, P.C., your case will not be handed off to a paralegal or associate to handle alone. Mr. McAfee will meet with you personally and handle every aspect of your case from beginning to end. We will keep you informed of the status of your case and respond quickly to any inquiries you may have. At our law firm, you are not just another number in a case file. Our strength is based on detailed communication with our clients and maintaining a professional relationship, where each client knows he or she can call anytime with questions or for updates. You will find a much different atmosphere at our office than in many others that rely solely on assistants to communicate with their clients. It is one of the fundamental reasons why so many former clients continue to refer their friends and families to us each year.

Call for a Free Consultation with a Fort Worth Intersection Accident Attorney

All motor vehicle accidents are serious, and you should get legal representation that is serious about your case as well. Contact our lawyer online, or call 817-332-7676 for a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

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