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Work Related Injuries

Fort Worth Lawyer Helps Victims Recover Additional Damages When a Third Party Is Responsible for Work-Related Accidents

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At The Law Offices of J. Kent McAfee, P.C., we help injured workers throughout the Tarrant County area pursue monetary damages from responsible third parties. When a third party has caused your accident or injuries, we focus on getting compensation for you beyond the standard workers’ comp benefits. Our client-centered approach means that we always pay attention to your concerns and answer your questions every step of the way.

Why can’t I sue my employer?

Under Texas law, employers are not required to carry workers’ compensation insurance, but the majority of employers do carry workers’ comp coverage because one of the benefits is immunity from lawsuits by injured workers. If your employer subscribes to workers’ comp coverage, you most likely cannot sue for compensation above and beyond workers’ comp. If a third party besides your employer was at fault for you injuries, however, you may be able to pursue a claim for additional compensation through a personal injury lawsuit against that third party.

Who is responsible for your injuries?

The key to pursuing additional compensation from a work-related accident is determining who is at fault for your injuries. For instance, you may have been driving a commercial vehicle for work when a drunk driver ran a red light and T-boned you in the intersection. If your employer subscribes to workers’ comp coverage, the insurance company generally covers your medical expenses and a portion of your lost wages, as long as you were acting within the scope of your employment at the time of the accident.

From a legal perspective, the drunk driver — or his auto insurance carrier — is the one who should be held liable for your injuries. The drunk driver would be considered a third party in the context of work-related accidents, so you would be able to sue the drunk driver for additional damages not covered by workers’ compensation.

How can I find out if I am entitled to money from a third party?

Attorney McAfee understands third-party liability and how to get the information we need from your employer’s workers’ comp carrier to assess your case. The facts and circumstances of each accident are different. Even if you are unaware of third parties who may potentially bear liability, consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer without delay to review your situation.

Reliable legal representation for work-related accidents in Fort Worth

At The Law Offices of J. Kent McAfee, P.C. our lawyer is here to help you pursue additional damages beyond the standard workers’ comp benefits when a third party is responsible for your injuries. Attorney McAfee has been helping injured workers pursue compensation from third-party wrongdoers for more than 34 years . We offer flexible scheduling and can visit you at home or in the hospital if needed. Initial case evaluations are free. Call 817-332-7676 today, or visit us online to make an appointment.

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