Representing Texans Injured by Inattentive Drivers

Thousands of Texans are injured every year by drivers who are not paying attention to the road. Technology such as navigation systems, in-car DVD players and smartphones may make it easier to multitask, but they take a driver’s eyes off the road. This leads to serious accidents. If you were involved in a car accident in the Metroplex, an experienced Fort Worth distracted driver accident lawyer can investigate to find out whether distracted driving was the cause. If you know that the other driver was on his or her phone when your accident occurred, be sure to notify your lawyer of that immediately.

At The Law Offices of J. Kent McAfee, P.C., we are dedicated to helping those injured in accidents involving distracted drivers in and around the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Through the leadership of attorney J. Kent McAfee, our firm provides true full-service representation, which includes helping you locate a doctor near your area of work or home so that you can get the treatment you need and ensuring that you do not have to deal with the insurance companies, because our job is to handle that for you.

Examples of Distracted Driving

Many forms of distracted driving contribute to rear-end collisions, rollovers and other types of motor vehicle accidents. Attorney Kent McAfee handles a wide range of these cases, such as those involving:

  • Texting while driving
  • Talking on a cellphone
  • Eating or drinking in the car
  • Adjusting the radio or an in-car video system
  • Putting on makeup
  • Arguing with passengers

More on Cellphone Use

While Texas does not yet have a law that completely bans texting while driving or cellphone use in general while driving, some individual cities have passed laws prohibiting the use of wireless devices in certain contexts. Many other localities are considering laws of this type.

Generally speaking, the following rules apply in Texas:

  • Drivers under age 18 are prohibited from using wireless devices.
  • School bus drivers cannot use cellphones if children are present.
  • Drivers cannot use hand-held wireless devices in school zones.

Our firm will investigate your accident to determine whether the driver who hit you was talking on the phone or texting. If the answer is yes, we may be able to use that evidence to establish negligence on the part of the other driver, which greatly strengthens your case. We will also use any information you gathered right after the accident, including names and contact information of witnesses, to help build your claim for compensation.

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Insurance settlement offers rarely take into account the full scope of your injuries. We have the skill to represent your interests and will work tirelessly to help you get the full and fair compensation you need. Contact our attorney online, or call 817-332-7676 for a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

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